Our means

Our machines

1 MAZAK machining center – 5 axes – 5 ton capacity • 1 4-axis machining center • 7 machining centers • 2 MAZAK + HAAS lathes • 1 CN lathe • 1 wire erosion • 2 sinking erosions • 2 plane grinders • 2 drills (column + radial) • 1 press for mold check • 3D measurement system • Digitizing arm with laser head • GPAO • 2 CAD • 1 CAD / CAM • 3 CAM • Ultrasonic cleaning machine.


A wide range of raw materials

Our design office is looking for the best alternatives for your project and recommend the best raw material to your needs : Steels, Stainless steel, ,aluminium, bronze, plastics, titanium, ceramic,…




Founded in 1985, AMGP first specialized in precision mechanics and the manufacture of molds for plastic injection. In 1997, the company joined forces with the company  Saiplast (plastic injection) which joined its workshops in Saint-Herblon.  Sairubber (rubber injection) joined them in 2017, enabling them to develop expertise in rubber injection molding equipment and offer additional services to their industrial customers. This is the opportunity to double the surface of the workshops and get started in obtaining the ISO 9001 certification, validated in 2018.

The sharing of workshops facilitates exchanges and responsiveness between the three specialties.

In all, 40 people support each other on AMGP projects.

Focus on quality

ISO 9001

The requirement of our customers leads us to respond to different certifications such as the ISO 9001 version 2015. This certification, for example, reflects our commitment to quality management, our strong customer orientation, our continuous improvement approach. It is a guarantee for our customers to deliver controlled, uniform and high quality products.

To guarantee the maximum traceability of the finished products, we organize a whole verification process, starting from the material batch (we control the origin of all the components) and then using an ERP software common to the 3 partner companies, serving as a tool for follow up to all the collaborators on the project.



Our engagements

amgp-validation The openness to innovation to offer you the best alternatives
amgp-validation Quality of service to meet industrial requirements

amgp-validation Responsiveness at each stage thanks to a contact person dedicated to your project

Our team

Union of technicians and engineers, our team combines experience of precision mechanics, technique and innovation after 35 years of collaboration with industry players.

Responsive and open-minded, the AMGP team is committed to providing answers in the shortest time. Our strong technical proposal allows us to intervene on issues that affect all sectors and that can be the subject of research alternatives.

Experienced and coming from different sectors, our tooling specialists do not hesitate to combine their skills with those present in partner companies SAIPLAST (plastic injection) and SAIRUBBER (rubber injection) in order to offer multi-component expertise and guarantee independence in the production of parts.

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